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Welcome to PINP Atlast

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website! The PINP Atlas is a MA research project that has the ambitious goal of being a useful resource for the various audiences that make up the management constituency of the Phillip Island Coastal Zone. This Research is a depot for traditional and digital information which can be used to inform decision-making relating to the PINP. I provide background information for different GIS systems, access to interactive mapping, online geospatial analysis tools,videos,open source GIS,Tools,Modelling,3DVisualization and direct download access to various planning and natural resource data sets relating to PINP management.

Coastal Zone Management

The coastal zone is one of Australia's greatest assets. The fundamental goal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is to maintain, restore or improve the quality of coastal zone ecosystems and the societies they support. National cooperation is required to achieve ecologically sustainable development through ICZM.

Parks Australia

Parks Australia works to enhance, protect and promote Australia's natural and cultural environment in harmony with the nation's social and economic goals. The Director of National Parks assists the Minister and the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts in the conservation and appreciation of Australia's biological diversity and associated cultural heritage, through leadership and cooperation in the management of Commonwealth parks and reserves. These include areas located on Australian island territories and in Commonwealth waters.

Why GIS?

Who needs GIS? Who really cares about what is GIS is? Obviously we as a GIS professionals care, but your condition is you talk about to people in mainstream corporations or many government agencies. You find these people aren’t interested in GIS. What they are interested in is ready access to information that will allow them to work faster ,more intelligently, and more efficiently .More than ever before, desktop GIS application ,especially internet base open source GIS based application are the free tools that make people in a wide variety of occupations more productive. As a GIS professional always think of the new way of handling the spatial data relevant project for decision support and which way GIS introduce management people. It is something new because we know what is happening now and what can happen if we really find out proper solution.

Who uses GIS?

  • International organizations
  • Private industry
  • Government
  • Non-profit organizations/NGO’s
  • Academic and Research Institutions

Google Earth for data management

  • Google Earth is free program which allows users to:
  •  Explore geographic locations both on Earth and in space
  • .View Buildings in 3D
  • View Featured ContentCreate interactive projects which include, images, coordinate, text, video and sound


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